Do you wish to change your life? Buy a property and live in Italy? Set up a hospitality business, an agri-tourism activity, buy a farm and celebrate with the wine from your vineyards?

You need strategic advice!

Rely on my expertise and my network to carry out your project, to make your dream become a reality.

I’d like to move home, change my life! I have a project but I can’t follow it up, I have a dream but I’m too busy with everyday chores and activities, so I give up on my wishes and aspirations...

Benefit from my experience gathered from the commercial projects in some of the most difficult areas of Italy: the most successful and efficient strategy does not come from reading books but through a direct approach to the reality and understanding of local nuances which change from area to area and so the solution we will find together will always be “tailor-made”.

ester accornero

What I can do for you

I have gone through significant challenges in my life and I have developed diverse competences, the common denominator of which is the entrepreneurship in varied areas. The know-how acquired over time, as well as a network of professional partners built over the years allows me to offer valuable support for new projects to minimize legal issues, reduce costs and realise projects over a shorter period and to be a professional, open-minded, operating with a strategic approach, at the clients' disposal to focus on their relevant choices in the most fruitful and profitable direction. I firmly believe my competences can help identify the needs, objectives, and to draw up and develop new plans to carry out with the most suitable decisions possible.

ester accornero

My strategic consulting service:

  1. Listening and understanding the project: a preliminary meeting aims at understanding the situation and the context. Devoting time to asking the right questions and gathering the maximum information from the client is the first step, the basis for a good future working relationship.
  2. Sharing: together with the client and after an accurate analysis of the data and information gathered during the preliminary meeting, objectives will be identified and a business plan drawn up while I define the area of professional support necessary to the project.
  3. Consultancy: strategic assistance to tackle business issues and make decisions. If needed, I can consult, a network of highly qualified professionals, including accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, agronomists, enologists, specialists in the field of European projects who have been collaborating with me for years and allow me to access very specific competences, constantly updated.
ester accornero

My experience

My long and extensive experience gathered over the years enables me to contribute to and support people who wish to take up new projects. I have acquired my professional experience in the family business Accornero Ltd., founded by my grandfather at the beginning of the 20th century, specializing in the production of components for companies operating in the automotive sector. Since the 70s I have been responsible for Finance and Administration.

In the 80s with my brother I founded Rototech Ltd, where I worked as a controller and I was in charge of HR.

In the 90s I was founder of the wine-making business Agricola La Zucca in the area of green economy, which was mentioned in the most important guides for the outstanding quality of the wines produced. The decision to resort to the best Italian enologists on the market proved very successful and enabled the company to export to the U.S. and Japan.

2004: I renovated the farm property area and opened the l’Agriturismo Cascina Zucca. The charming rooms and restaurant have become a popular local venue for Italian and foreign guests looking for quality and tradition. I expanded my knowledge regarding agri-culture, staff management and the organization and running of a small charming enterprise, increasing my expertise and competences in the sector of the hospitality business.

2005: I signed agreements with a historic Italian wine-making company, which was very interested in the quality achieved by La Zucca’s production.

2015: founder of SDC strategies for change.
Time to share my experiences with other people.

ester accornero

Why rely on me


Because, through a strategic consulting service, I help people to understand and define their real needs. .

Identify the best choice

Because to follow a course brings about a series of consequences and involves leaving out all the other options: identifying the right course of action is essential.

Have realistic expectations. Keep your feet on the ground.

Because the Vision I am willing to share with my clients is based on real entrepreneurial experiences I have carried out.

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